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2012 is coming to a close, we don’t have much of a racing season to reflect on but we have a lot to look forward to.

With 89 days until the season open at Santa Pod, The Festival Power, the chassis is back from powder coating and the engine is slowly going back in. The clutch is in, as is the the gearbox. Now to see to everything else!

At this time we’re aiming for at least The Festival of Power and Dragstalgia.

Just a short update today, to keep people in the loop that we are still here and we are still fighting a comeback!

Update April 22nd 2012

We’re at the stage now where there’s little to show for the hours that we continue to put in towards our return to the track.

  • The motor, flywheel/clutch, gearbox and rear end are ready to run (including the clutch and throttle pedals, along with their respective linkages)
  • The braking system has been fitted.

Current projects include

  • Fabrication of the fuel tank and the seat
  • Body paneling
  • Body repairs
  • Installation of the fire extinguisher system


Winter Warmers

Hi all!
Quick update that progress is still on in the workshop, slowly but surely. It’s even time for the gas heater to come out to play!
As you can see below, Dave is regularly posting pictures to keep you all up to date.
Hope you are all well and enjoying keeping up with our progress!

Welcome to another new look

I created this [link to old site] for the Freddys Revenge Nostalgic Fuel Altered drag racing team, but I was concerned that their current info was only available on Facebook. So, I have recreated the site based on a blog, then selected members of the team can update the site and put the fans more intouch with one of the most passionate drag teams out there.

Just to keep the Facebook theme going there is a like button below.