2019 NSRA Nostalgia Nationals

PSX_20190510_215433Lifting the A35 body on

IMG_20190510_154931Giving the body a final polish

PSX_20190510_201657Does my bum look big in this?

IMG_20190511_115654Heading to the pairing lanes

PSX_20190510_215647In the pairing lanes

PSX_20190510_215228Waiting for the signal to fire her up

PSX_20190510_201431Ready for his first run with the funny car body

IMG_5574 fbHeading towards the water box

IMG_5302 fbBurning out

IMG_5686 fbGetting ready to stage

IMG_5695Great launch

IMG_5578Away on the green

IMG_20190510_170451Driver and crew chief discussing the run

PSX_20190512_115255Arty-farty shot

IMG_20190511_193859The sun sets on Supercharged Outlaws qualifying

PSX_20190511_234605The lure of a reflection shot was too great

IMG_20190512_140157Looking relaxed before the last run of the weekend

IMG_20190512_142551Back to Nostalgia-Fuel-Altered guise for the last run of the weekend

IMG_20190512_150341On the tether after our great final run of the weekend

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