2013 so far…

We entered the year with Freddy virtually ready, aiming to be out at the Festival of Power. We needed to resolve our towing issues, with our previous tow truck reaching the end of its days. With little funds in the bank and this not actually preventing us from racing, it wasn’t our priority. We had an awesome new paint scheme which was being kept top secret, but we knew it was a stunner.

March soon came around and Easter bank holiday was fast approaching, with the weather forecast looking horrendous. The weeks in March had been very cold, and the thought of sleeping in trailers/tents over a bitterly cold weekend was not appealing to any of us. A last minute decision was made to miss the Festival of Power, and put the money towards another meeting with warmer weather forecasted.
The Easter weekend wasn’t a complete waste, as a new tow truck was sourced instead!

Work soon began on the tow truck, refreshing its battered self and preparing it to hitch up to our trailer. This unfortunately was not quite done in time for us to work on the trailer, with it being nearly 3 years since we used it last, and having everything ready for Summer Nationals – out first event of the year!

We loaded Freddy onto the open trailer, all our tools etc in to a van, hitched up the caravan and set off for Santa Pod. The forecast was ok, with a few showers possible. We tried a new route avoiding the A303 as it was Summer Solstice at Stonehenge, and made it to Santa Pod in the usual time. We set up home for the weekend, and sat down with a cider at our favourite place.
So many people popped over to say hi, welcome us back and comment on the new paint – safe to say it proved popular! Huge thanks to Power Race Graphics.

We were well aware we wouldn’t be ready for the first run on Saturday at 11.50am, so we got Freddy ready and fired up to change the oil, and towed down to scrutineering at about 11. It was incredibly windy all weekend, with scrutineering being a windtrap, but while we were gone our party tent awning tried to blow away then collapsed! TC couldn’t hold it down, even with the thankful help of Team Chaos, so unfortunately we were open to the elements for the rest of the weekend.  We also managed to run over and see an awesome side by side 6 second run from Joe Bond and Nick Davies who were also representing the NFAA that weekend.
We proceeded to get ready for the NFAA round 2, and towed down for a bye run while still making a come back. Dave pulled round in to the spectator-side lane (different for us) and got in line, great little burnout and back up to the start line. Launching in second gear again, he lined up and got in to stage, as the lights went green he hit the throttle and launched great! Freddy was keen to go! The run was a little wandering, as we’re used to, but Dave had it under control and was on the throttle as long as he felt necessary for a check out pass. We were happy with a 9.2 at 90mph and a car in one piece!

After the run the decision was made that we’d got what we wanted out of the weekend, and would return home for our final checks and changes.

We may not be out in time for Dragstalgia, partly due to our To Do list being the length it is and also running or smaller crew numbers. Chris and Sarah recently welcome Lumen Iris in to the world (and her ears are a little too tiny for such loud cars at the moment), and Robbie would be away on holiday. We are very much a family team and it wouldn’t be the same without everyone. We are still aiming to be at the National Finals though with a couple of full passes up our sleeves to end the season nicely.

Massive thanks to those out there who help us, support us, send us well wishes and congratulations, positive comments and feedback – it means the world.

See you all soon!

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